Donna Yeager

Digital Imaging 

My Digital Imaging Artworks possess content of meaning and visual aspects to tell the story.  They consists of Photo Shop layers of original paintings and drawings, scans of objects meaningful in content or aesthetic, and photos.  I often add to the printed final image  by drawing, painting, or adding objects to it.  


I paint landscapes either on location, or from my sketches and photographs in my studio.  Whenever I travel, I take lots of photographs.  This has been a vast source of reference for my studio work.


The still life fine art practice is one that artists have committed to over the centuries because the essentials of art can all be explored including color, form,

composition, and light.


I really love drawing and painting people.  There's nothing better than working from a model.  I always find this to be the best way to do a portrait--from life.  The skills learned in figure drawing influence every part of my  art work.


Flowers are color, shapes, and fleeting beauty.  A garden is a cycle of life, from seed to seed, from bud to bloom.  It is renewal, seasonal, and life giving. 
‚ÄčI love it. 


I am an animal lover -- just about any animal.   That includes birds and even some insects in my appreciation of their beauty and contrabution to life.  That may sound strange, but all of nature is

Plein  air

I am a plein air painter because it is a tangible way to really connect with the beauty of nature.   Capturing that moment in time is exciting.  Quickly painting the fleeting effects of light give energy to the painting as well as the artist.


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"Life drawing is a passion for me, because it connects me to the moment".